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One Birth Two Treasures

One Birth Two Treasures is another amazing urban Chinese story that you will not like to miss, On this page, I will be uploading every chapter of this novel for you guys to read online or download the PDFs for offline reading for free.


“I’m not a thief!”

Within the welfare center’s dormitory, a nine-year-old girl faced everyone’s suspicions, her eyes red.
She had a pair of large, watery eyes and was radiantly beautiful. However, her body looked frail due to malnutrition.

Seeing everyone look at her with disdain and hate, she felt wronged and choked, “That jade… is… It is mine! I’m… I’m not a thief! My mom left that behind for me!”
“So what you’re saying is that I stole your stuff?!” Standing opposite her was a girl about her age.
Tilting her head, the girl eyed her coldly before she turned to smile innocently at the other children.

Compared to her, the girl looked sweet and proud, as though she were a lofty, little princess showered with everyone’s love.
As soon as she spoke, the children around them immediately came to her defense.
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One Birth Two Treasures chapter 1 – 26

One Birth Two Treasures chapter 27 – 70

One Birth Two Treasures chapter 71 – 324

One Birth Two Treasures chapter 325 – 798

One Birth Two Treasures chapter 799 – 546

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