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Lord Of The Mysteries Novel

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Painful! How painful! My head hurts so badly!
A gaudy and dazzling dreamworld filled with murmurs instantly shattered.
The sound asleep Zhou Mingrui felt an abnormal throbbing pain in his head as though someone had ruthlessly lashed at him with a pole again and again.
No, it was more like a sharp object pierced right through his temples followed by a twist!
Ouch… In his stupor, Zhou Mingrui attempted to turn around, look up, and sit up;
however, he was completely unable to move his limbs as though he had lost control over his body.
From the looks of it, I’m still not awake. I’m still in a dream…
Who knows, perhaps the next scene will be of me thinking I’m already awake, but in fact, am actually still sleeping…
Zhou Mingrui, who was not unfamiliar with similar encounters,
tried his best to focus in order to escape the shackles placed upon him by the darkness and confusion.
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Lord Of The Mysteries chapter 1 -130

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Lord Of The Mysteries 171 – 300

Lord Of The Mysteries 301 – 800

Lord Of The Mysteries 801 – 1400

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