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The Vengeful Son-In-Law Novel

The Vengeful Son-In-Law is an amazing novel to read. I will be posting all the latest chapters of The Vengeful Son-In-Law here so make sure you check in regularly to read and download all the chapters online.


Ryan was washing clothes for the whole family when her mother-in-law, Elizabeth, suddenly threw a piece of clothes on his face and said arrogantly,
“Ryan, wash my clothes first.”

Ryan’s mouth twitched. He couldn’t stand Elizabeth any longer, so he said, “Mom, next time you ask me to do laundry, can you please put your clothes in the basket?
Don’t throw them on my face. I’m your son-in-law, not your servant.”
It was really embarrassing for him to have a piece of clothes on top of his head.

Elizabeth slapped him on the head. “Just wash it. One more word, Ill stuff it in your mouth next time. You are trash.
How dare you whine about it? Wash all of them, or you don’t get to eat today!”
To vent her anger, she even slapped Ryan on his head again.

Ryan trembled with anger. Elizabeth then said disdainfully, “What’s wrong with you?!
Do you want to go against me? Or hit me? Come, hit me here. Try it. I dare say you don’t have the gut to do it. Remember, you’re nothing but trash!”
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